Climber's Self Rescue Course

Fra AUD A$ 250,00
  • Varighet: 8 Timer (ca.)
  • Lokasjon: Katoomba, NSW
  • Produktkode: ClimbSelfRescue

Climbing is great fun when it works like it should! But what happens when it goes wrong?

Are you ready? Are you prepared? You've got yourself into trouble, now can you get yourself out? Could you improvise a system to raise an exhausted climbing partner? How about escaping from the belay? Do you know the safest options for retrieving a stuck rope? Can you rescue an unconscious lead climber?

You owe it to yourself and your climbing friends to learn these rescue skills!

The ASM Climber's Self-Rescue Course is designed to provide you and your climbing partners with the vital skills required to initiate a Self Rescue in virtually any climbing related scenario. This course is suitable for all climbers, whether you're into sport, adventure, or top-roping, every recreational climber will benefit from this training! Let ASM help you to become a more self-reliant climber.

This course will teach you the necessary skills to:

  • Build and operate an Improvised Self-Rescue Kit
  • Understand required knots for Self Rescue
  • Build and utilise advanced anchor systems
  • Ascend and descend a rope using improvised methods
  • Anticipating and Minimise Risk
  • Escape The Belay to become free from the Rope System
  • Assess Incidents to make appropriate rescue decisions
  • Access a casualty in the vertical environment
  • Operate lowering and raising Systems
  • Rescue your seconding climber
  • Rescue the leading climber
  • Improvise carrying systems for evacuation

Technical Grade: Hard
Fitness Grade:     Medium
Time:                    6 - 7 Hours (approx)

Course prerequisites:

  • Good fitness is necessary for this course
  • Previous abseiling & climbing experience
  • Solid understanding of knots
  • Experience belaying a leader & seconding climber

What's included:

  • Australia's most experienced Adventure Guiding & Outdoor Training Specialists
  • Nationally Qualified & Highly Experienced Guides
  • All Technical Equipment
  • Delicious & Nutritious Lunch

We provide all specialist personal and group abseiling equipment including harnesses, helmets, etc.

Lunch is also provided on this adventure- Please be sure to inform us on your booking form if you have any special dietary requirements!