Canyoning - Advanced - Claustral Canyon

  • Duration : 9 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Katoomba, NSW
  • Product code : Claustral
From AUD $295.00

This trip runs with a minimum of 2 participants- We suggest booking in with a friend to ensure you get to attend on your preferred date!

Before your booking is processed & confirmed we will contact you to discuss your previous experience and suitability for this trip.

For many this is THE canyon. A huge day out in one of the classic Blue Mountains Canyons.

Our full day expedition will see us descend from Mt Banks into the top of Claustral Brook. After we gear up the fun imediately begins with some obstacles and swims. When we reach the first abseil, we begin our descent in to the Black Hole Of Calcutta- An infamous set of waterfall abseils dropping 45 meters in to near darkness. From here we reach the junction of Ranon Canyon- A 700m long section of vibrant green walls with lots of swims and scrambles. The final length of Ranon Canyon features lots of advanced scrambling on and through slippery surfaces along with several difficult water obstacles.

At the end of our canyon, the difficult walk out begins. We climb up through the ironically named Rainbow Ravine, gaining 220m of elevation as we top out on the Camel's Hump, before descending back in to the top of Claustral Brook for another section of canyon and a few cold swims. We then come back to where we originally entered the canyon and climb back up Mt Banks to our vehicle. The total elevation gain in the afternoon is over 450m, making this exit a 3 hour experience that is not for the unfit!

Technical Grade: Hard
Fitness Grade: Hard
Uphill Walking: 3+ hours